Range Description

Range Description

The ‘Wattle Grove Park’ Shooting Range is an approved 300m Range. The Range is surrounded by heavily forested hillsides, and has a gentle creek flowing along the southern boundary.

For those who would like extra information:

Muzzle velocity of ammunition used not to exceed 4,100 feet per second (1,250 metres/second).

Muzzle energy of ammunition used not to exceed 4,182 foot pounds energy (5,675joules)

except when the ‘SSAA Big Game Match’ course of fire.

Ammunition used for SSAA Big Game Match which exceeds 4,182 foot pounds of energy is limited to a muzzle velocity of no more than 2,500 feet per second.

Ammunition used in this match which does not exceed 2,500 feet per second must not exceed 9,000 foot pounds of muzzle energy (12,204 joules).