Range Rules

Range Rules

Please read the Standing Orders which are on display at the Shooting Range. Here is a brief outline:


No singlet tops or shirts with low necklines are allowed on Range as ejected shells are hot! Please wear shirts with sleeves, shorts or jeans etc are fine. Closed in footwear must be worn, as well as hearing protection. Eye protection is recommended. Hearing protection may be purchased or hired at the Shooting Range.

Range Officers

Shooters must obey all directions that are given by the Range Officer. These are given for your safety and for the safety of others.

Alcohol and Drugs

Please read the Shooting Range Standing Orders before signing the Register.

Any competitor deemed by the Range Officer, or referred to the Range Officer suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs shall not be permitted to shoot. A shooter who considers that  medication (prescribed or otherwise) that they have taken may reduce or hinder safety awareness should withdraw themselves from the firing line.


Smoking is not permitted on the Shooting Range or in the Covered Firing Line.


No animals are permitted on this Range. ‘Wattle Grove Park’ is a working beef cattle property and therefore we have a strict No Dogs policy. This policy also extends to all other pets.

Users of the Range

For a person to shoot on this Range they must have a licence for the type of firearm that they wish to use. If they have no licence or are from another State or Country, they must be able to fill out a Form 33.


The barrel of any firearm shall always be pointing in a safe direction.

Firearms must be carried with the barrel pointing in the air until at the firing line.

All handguns must be holstered or secured except while on an active firing line.

Firearms are always pointed down range when not holstered or in the rack.

Range Limitations

Muzzle velocity of ammunition used not to exceed 4,100 feet per second (1,250 metres/second).

Muzzle energy of ammunition used not to exceed 4,182 foot pounds energy (5,675joules)

except when the ‘SSAA Big Game Match’ course of fire.

Ammunition used for SSAA Big Game Match which exceeds 4,182 foot pounds of energy is limited to a muzzle velocity of no more than 2,500 feet per second.

Ammunition used in this match which does not exceed 2,500 feet per second must not exceed 9,000 foot pounds of muzzle energy (12,204 joules).