Frequently Asked Questions



Is a license needed to purchase ammunition or a firearm?

You must have a license which covers the category of firearm, or ammunition, that you wish to purchase. Contact QLD Weapons Licensing Branch for information on obtaining a license.

How to obtain a license – Rifle (Cat A & B)

  • You will need a genuine reason to obtain a Cat A & B Firearms License. If you become an S.S.A.A. member you can list your genuine reason as Sports & Target Shooting and Recreation Hunting. Book into a Firearm Safety Course.
  • As it takes time for your Membership card to arrive, and you need proof of membership to an Association to apply for a license, we suggest that you join as soon as possible.
  • When you have completed your Safety Course your Statement of Attainment will be posted to you within 21 days. A copy of this will be needed when you apply for your license. While waiting for this to arrive organise to have two passport size photos taken as these will need to be supplied with your application.
  • When you have everything ready, go to the Police Station and ask for an Application for a License Form 1 and a Proof of Identity Form 30, or download them from QLD Weapons Licensing Branch website, or come and see us as we also have the forms. If you wish, we can help you to complete your application.
  • Fill in these forms, pay the fees, the Police staff will then send them to WLB where they will be processed. Have patience, as they will only be processed after 28 days.

How to obtain a license – Handgun (Cat H)

  • Obtaining a handgun license is different to the steps you need to get a rifle license. You need to be a member of a Pistol Section of a S.S.A.A. Branch, or an approved club.
  • To join a club you have to go to the Police Station and ask for a Pre Approval (Q515) application form or hold a Cat A/B license.  You fill this in and lodge it at the Police Station. Weapons Licensing Branch will process the form and send you back a letter authorising you to join a club.
  • When you have this letter, you can then join the Pistol Section of a Branch. The Branch will advise you on what is required to join. You are now on probation for six months.
  • During this time you have to attend a minimum of three Branch Competition Shoots and these shoots will be recorded on your Participation Card that the branch will issue to you when you join. At any time within the six months you can do a Safety Pistol Course, then when your six months are up you can apply for your license. You can do both your shoots and your Safety Course at Wattle Grove Park.
  • After you have sent in your application form, it will be processed after 28 days. So have patience.

Safety Course Fees

When you book a fee of $20 is charged. This is non-refundable if you cancel your booking.

Category A and B – Long Arms

Junior: (Ages 11 up to, but not including 18th Birthday)

Adult: (Ages 18+) 

Please note that Pension cards must be produced on the day and a copy of both sides of your signed Pension card is required to be sent with your membership application.

There are discounts available for family memberships.

If you are already an SSAA national member, you must produce your current card on the day – no card, no discount.

Category H – Handguns

For Category H information please contact us.

On the day of the course please bring photo ID, wear enclosed shoes and appropriate clothing. No singlet tops or low cut shirts – ejected shells are hot! You will need to bring a pen, and your wallet with cash or cheque as there is no EFTPOS available at ‘Wattle Grove Park’. You will also need to bring your lunch. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate are available at all times.

Permits to Acquire?

Applications for Permits to Acquire are available through Police Stations, Weapons Licensing Branch or from us. We can assist you to complete the form, which you can then lodge at your local Police Station for processing. It will take approximately four weeks until you receive your Permit to Acquire.

Can a firearm be purchased from another State?

Yes, subject to your State’s regulations, the firearm will be sent from a Dealer in that state to us. You will need to supply the name and contact phone number of the Dealer who is sending the firearm. We will then contact the dealer to get a copy of their Dealers License certificate, and organise the paperwork required for the transfer.

Can a firearm be purchased by an Interstate buyer?

Yes, if you reside in a state other than Queensland, and hold the appropriate license for the firearm that you wish to purchase, then contact us for the simple transaction information that is required.

Coaching, cleaning or reloading lessons?

We offer coaching lessons at our Shooting Range for those who are new to the sport or if you would like to improve your skill level. We can also help you with any reloading or cleaning assistance that you may request. The fee will depend on the service required – please contact us for a quote.

Lay-by Terms?

Our standard lay-by term is for a period of two months, and we require a 50% deposit which is non refundable if you do not follow through with the transaction.

Fixed Price or Negotiable?

Please do not ask for our best price – we have already given it to you. There is very little mark up on any of our merchandise.

Information on Firearms?

New Firearm – Any further information that you may require on a new firearm is easily obtainable from the manufacturer’s website.
Pre Used Firearm – We are happy to send you additional information, or photos of a pre-used firearm (valued at over $250), on request.

Mail Orders?

Most of our orders are from customers who can’t get to our shop. Please contact us by phone or email with your order, and we will organise to post or freight your item. Postage and handling fees apply but we will endeavour to keep these costs to a minimum.

Consignment Sales?

We  sell firearms on consignment. Our fees are: $100.00 up to the first $1000 in value, and an additional 10% of the sale price if over $1000.00.

Selling Firearms?

We also buy firearms. If you would like to sell a firearm to us, then please contact us.


Firearms must be stored in a locked container as per the Weapons Act. Whilst you are waiting for your PTA your firearm will be stored by us at no charge if you have purchased this firearm from us. This usually takes approximately two months. If you require us to store your firearm for a longer period than that, then a fee of $33 per month per firearm will be charged, including GST.